A perfect road map to wellbeing

A perfect road map to wellbeing

Health is a reflection of wholesomeness; it is a state of harmonious continuum between the body, mind and spirit. It is filled with sense of fullness about life and its various gifts.  When sick we are weakest, liable to break or are easily susceptible to plethora of pressures that life throws at us. Hence it is vital that we remain healthy, celebrate the resources that life offers and work our way towards real transformation and growth.

There is a deep connection between health and the way we lead our lives. Similarly there is an absolute connection between illness and repetitive patterns that we indulge in life. Ayurveda offers the best elixir so you lead a healthy happy long life ,by guiding you to stay in tune with nature-or prakruti , both innate to yourself and the surrounding you live in. 

Once you know your unique Ayurvedic constitution\prakruti, it’s like having the perfect road map towards being healthy. With this knowledge you can choose ‘your’ food that is uniquely nourishing to you, adapt a lifestyle that is nurturing, manage stress and focus on achieving balance of your complete being


What it means to have a balance in body, mind and spirit is defined beautifully in Ayurveda. 

“Samadosha, samagnischa, samadhatumala kriyaha prasanna atmenindriya manaha, swasthya ityabhidheeyate” , 

  • Balance in dosha ,the three bio-energies we are made up of :Vata, Pitta and Kapha, 
  • Strong digestion, healthy body tissues 
  • Smooth regular elimination of waste\toxins , 
  • Pleasantly disposed and contented mind, senses and spirit.

This ancient scientific healing system of India not only helps you to prevent diseases, if there are any imbalances, ayurvedic herbs and therapies will gently coax you back into balance.

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