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Ayurvedic consultations- Both online or visit to clinic

During Ayurvedic consultations, doctor will assess overall wellbeing, prakruthi, health concerns, specific symptoms you are experiencing, digestive strength, diet and lifestyle habits, sleep pattern etc to gain a full spectrum of health status. These observation will help the doctor determine your constitutional type and identify potential imbalances. Accordingly a personalized treatment is planned, this may include herbal medicines, lifestyle modifications, detoxification procedure [panchakarma], yoga and pranayama practices etc. Depending on the complexity of your health concerns, doctor may schedule follow up

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Live Online Yoga Classes

One to One, CLASS PACKAGES-10 session/Month

These yoga classes are based on Hatha yoga style, practiced at slower pace, with focus on breath, flexibility and balance. Sessions will include multiple static yoga poses, their variations and simple modifications to help make practice accessible for all level. Session will also include relaxing – Shavasana, pranayama and short meditation. Classes are mostly scheduled on alternate days or depending on the availability or preference.







Heal through yoga

Yoga Therapy classes -10 session/Month

Yoga therapy is typically tailored to individual needs or the health issues after the assessment, it includes specific asanas, pranayama, meditation, relaxation techniques, shat kriyas or other therapeutic components of yoga to address physical conditions or imbalances in the body. Dr Bentur may modify or adapt the postures to suit the client’s abilities and limitations. The asanas are chosen to promote strength, flexibility, balance, and overall physical well-being. Pranayama are tailored to address specific issues such as anxiety, insomnia, or respiratory disorders. Yoga therapy aims to heal, or compliment other medical treatments, promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve flexibility and strength, enhance mental clarity, and support overall well-being.


One to one -Prenatal yoga classes

Prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. There are many benefits for practicing prenatal yoga as you progress through each week. It has multifaceted approach and includes low impact personalized yoga poses, relaxation techniques to calm the mind and focused breathing.It can help improve your mood and sleep and decrease lower back pain and other common symptoms of pregnancy. Reduces stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety.







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Wellness Workshops for corporate employee

Harness the rhythms of pranic energy-Pranayama workshop







Ayurveda -Yoga retreats

How to join

Join my yoga classes & Bring a change !

Schedule & Timetable

Duration of each session-1 hour. Classes start as early as 5.30 am and go on till 7.00 PM in the evening from Monday to Saturday.

Class Levels

Classes being therapeutic in nature, classes are structured based on the student’s need, experience and ability/health condition.

Location & Facilities

Classes are both online and Physical. For the physical session held at the studio, please get your own mat , one can use the props available at the studio such as belts & blocks


Generally the package of 10 session costs INR 5000, however the cost of the package may vary depending upon the class structure and duration committed. All payments to be made before the commencement of the class.

Class Packages

Classes Package consists of 10 session to be completed within 30 days, can be scheduled on alternate days. No extension is given for missed classes. Booked slots cannot be rescheduled.

Booking Process

Reach us at given phone numbers and email id to book your yoga classes.

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