How to join

Join my yoga classes & Bring a change !

Schedule & Timetable

Duration of each session-1 hour. Classes start as early as 5.30 am and go on till 7.00 PM in the evening from Monday to Saturday.

Class Levels

Classes being therapeutic in nature, classes are structured based on the student’s need, experience and ability/health condition.

Location & Facilities

Classes are both online and Physical. For the physical session held at the studio, please get your own mat , one can use the props available at the studio such as belts & blocks


Generally the package of 10 session costs INR 5000, however the cost of the package may vary depending upon the class structure and duration committed. All payments to be made before the commencement of the class.

Class Packages

Classes Package consists of 10 session to be completed within 30 days, can be scheduled on alternate days. No extension is given for missed classes. Booked slots cannot be rescheduled.

Booking Process

Reach us at given phone numbers and email id to book your yoga classes.

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